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No matter what is a reason for brow hair loss, eyebrows can be brought back to a perfect shape and colour with permanent makeup. The permanent eyebrow makeup helps to thicken the brows and give them a new, beautiful shape, what gives a lift to your cheekbones.

Wild Volume- Strokes Brows – €300

Royal Shading Brows – €300




With the permanent lip makeup, you can highlight the shape of your lips, even out imperfections and disproportions of their natural shape, and add an amount of colour that will add definition to their appearance.

Lip liner – €250

Lip liner and blush – €300

Full 3D Supreme Lips – €350


The colour will look dark even when the makeup was very light. It is a natural post-procedure effect and there is no need to worry as within 4-7 days the pigment softens and the skin will lose half of the initial colour intensity.

It is not allowed to soak, rub, or touch the treated skin area or use any other care products than the ones advised by the technician. Sun exposure including sun beds, as well as visits to sauna and swimming pools may cause post-treatment colour changes. If the above recommendations are not followed, some discolorations may appear.

Touch ups for all areas:
Up to 6 months -> € 80
Up to 12 months -> € 100
Up to 18 months -> € 120


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