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Our laser hair removal at Simply Beauty offers an innovative way of painless and permanent depilation of even light and thin hair.
Soprano Ice Platinum laser hair removal is a unique technology that enables depilation of all skin phototypes, even tanned skin.


* Excessive hair
* Hair that grows into the skin
* Inflammation of follicle
* Permanent hair removal
* Obtaining smooth and soft to the touch skin

The Soprano Ice Platinum ™ laser is the most modern and comprehensive technology of laser hair removal. It is also the world’s first and only laser emitting three wavelengths per pulse (755 nm alex, 810 nm diode, 1064 nm Nd: YAG).
This innovative technological solution allows us to damage the hair structure at various depths, without affecting the surrounding tissue, and thus increase the effectiveness of the treatment. The synergy of three waves (the gold standard in laser hair removal) during each pulse prevents hair regrowth. This allows us to achieve very good results, regardless of the colour of your hair.

Now also people with fair hair (blond and red) can permanently remove unwanted hair.

The Soprano Ice Platinum treatment is a series of innovative technologies in laser hair removal. It is the only one on the market that uses three types of lasers – ensuring effective hair removal for all hair types, colours and complexions.

  • A patented method of destroying the hair follicles and inhibiting their re-growth without damaging the tissues surrounding the follicles – guarantee of the effectiveness of the treatment (SHR).
  • The method of performing the procedure in the continuous movement of the laser over the entire treatment area, increasing the patient’s comfort (In-Motion).
  • Cold sapphire treatment tip providing advanced cooling ensuring increased, previously unattainable patient comfort during the procedure (Ice).
  • Larger treatment window for shorter treatment times, even with procedures on large areas (Speed).
  • A special small tip that allows us to reach hard-to-reach places, e.g. ears, nostrils (Facial Tip).
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